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The All-in-One Solution

Drug and Syringe

Making a C.A.S.E for

Quick-Mix Syringe

over conventional vials: 

Convenience: Quick-Mix Syringe is a one stop shop, it eliminates the need for vials, alcohol pads, and unnecessary lengthy procedures.  

Accuracy: Drugs are often wasted while being transferred from vial to vial due to spills and natural adhesion to the walls of the vials. Thanks to our innovative design the Quick-Mix Syringe eliminates unnecessary waste and ensures each dose is exactly the same as the next. 

Safety:  Our patented features prevent accidental injection of the syringe prior to reconstitution.


Efficiency: The Quick-Mix Syringe can decrease preparation time, minimize drug waste, increase product life span, and much more. 

Time to go Pre-filled. 

Demand for quick and safe administration of new vaccines and medications is higher than ever before. The workload for healthcare professionals has drastically increased, yet most facilities are still utilizing traditional methods that can be time-consuming and error prone.


Healthcare professionals will not be able to meet the demand unless we improve upon the traditional methods. With the Quick-Mix syringe any product can become the one that healthcare professionals want to use. 

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Syringe Parts Rendering_v4.7.7.tif
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